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Health & Wellness

Discover the Space: A Natural Haven for Wellness Retreats
Wake up to the sounds of nature and witness the majestic sunrise over gardens and grazing pastures. Our farm is a living, breathing place where you can relax in privacy, feeling safe and cared for, just like the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Discover the Space

Our Offerings: Tailored for Transformation

The Barn House Event Space is a seamless blend of rustic elegance and modern comfort. This 2nd-story features the home haven with a deck and panoramic views of the farm's sprawling gardens, pastures, barns, and greenhouse and sleeps up to 8 in 4 private rooms.

The Barn House is fully equipped with everything our guests need, from a chefs kitchen to comfortable living areas and private rooms. To maintain the privacy and security of our guests, the Barn House is fitted with coded doors, ensuring that only participating guests have access, allowing for a truly private retreat.

Below the living spaces, the 1800 sq ft open event space unfolds, ready to transform any event into an unforgettable experience. With its versatile setup, it can accommodate everything from intimate yoga sessions to grand celebrations, opening up to an enchanting outdoor area perfect for celebrations come to life around our epic firepit, with the pond's reflective beauty adding to the magic.

Outdoor Elegance: A Canvas of Possibilities

Our outdoor event space extends the invitation to celebrate in an intimate setting with a variety of event-ready amenities like chairs and tables for 50 a Food Truck, café tables with umbrellas and 30 foot concrete service counter, lit by the glow of café lighting and warmed and enchanted by a bonfire. Franny’s Farm is the perfect place to gather and celebrate and offers an idyllic backdrop for up to 50 guests. And with parking for up to 800, we ensure that your special moments are both intimate and grand.

Curate Your Experience: Beyond Expectations

From private rooms and community spaces to camping adventures, our accommodations cater to all desires. Our culinary offerings range from food truck delights to exquisite catering and private chefs. Dive deeper into wellness with our yogis, healers, and massage therapists, or explore transformation through guided plant- medicine experiences. Our dedicated team is here to bring your vision to life, ensuring a retreat that transcends the ordinary.

At our Wellness Retreat Center, every aspect of your stay is an invitation to dive deep into personal transformation and wellbeing. We offer a wide array of services and experiences, designed to cater to your individual journey:

  • Sound Healing and Frequency Tuning: Harness the power of sound to realign and rejuvenate your energy.

  • Traditional and Vedic Astrology Readings: Gain insight into your life path and destiny.

  • Human Design Sessions: Discover your unique blueprint for navigating life with ease.

  • Cacao and Chakra Tea Ceremonies: Engage in ancient rituals that open the heart and balance the energy centers.

  • Somatic Breathwork: Explore the healing potential of your breath through guided sessions.

  • Animal Therapy: Connect with our farm animals for a heartwarming and healing experience.

  • A Wide Range of Yoga Practices: From restful and restorative to dynamic flow, find the practice that suits your needs.

  • Massage and Dance: Embrace the healing touch and the joy of movement.

  • Moon Ceremonies and Celebrations: Participate in rituals that honor the cycles of nature and our lives.

Each experience is guided by skilled facilitators dedicated to providing a nurturing and transformative environment. Whether you seek relaxation, personal growth, or a deeper connection with nature, our Wellness Retreat Center offers a sanctuary where your needs are met with care and expertise.

Join Us for a Journey of Discovery

Embark on a journey where tranquility meets transformation. At our Wellness Retreat Center, we're not just offering a stay; we're inviting you to a profound experience that will leave you renewed, inspired, and deeply connected. Welcome to your sanctuary, where every detail is curated with love, for your wellbeing and joy.


Please out the inquiry form to schedule a site tour and learn more about all we have to offer at Franny's Farm!

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