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Special Event FAQs at Franny's Farm

Thank you for considering Franny’s Farm for your special occasion! To help guide you through the planning process, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. For more personalized assistance, please complete the event questionnaire and you will get a custom “Franny’s Farm Event Proposal” with services and accompanying line-item pricing according to your choices. 

General Information

Q: What is Franny's Farm?
A: Franny's Farm is a Private, 33-acre regenerative agriculture farm in Leicester, NC, offering a picturesque setting for events. Our farm is home to a variety of plant species, animals and gardens and is dedicated to providing a beautiful, fun environment for your special day. 

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Our farm operates from dawn till dusk, but event hours are from 10am to 10pm. An additional hour is specified for set-up, break down, decorating and cleaning.

Event Planning

Q: Can both our ceremony and reception be held at Franny's Farm?
A: Yes, you can host both your ceremony and reception here. 

Q: Do you have a list of recommended vendors?
A: While you're free to choose any vendor, we have a food truck, Chef and Catering on site. Any outside vendors must be approved in advance and meet certain requirements, especially caterers who must have offsite catering certificates. An Event Coordinator is required if using off-site catering.

Q: What about alcohol?
A: Clients may supply their own alcohol, but it must be served by a certified bartender, available through us or your caterer. A service fee applies, which includes setup, cleanup, and serving essentials. Event Insurance is required for alcohol service. Franny’s Farm also offers a Cannabis-Infused Cocktail Bar where you can create a signature social beverage for guests and also many cannabis spirits in cans can be added to your bar selection.

Event Logistics

Q: Is there a contingency plan for bad weather?
A: We recommend renting a tent for outdoor events. Our barn can also serve as a charming alternative in case of inclement weather.

Q: What does the venue fee include?
A: The venue fee grants access to the Barn House with 4 bedroom/2 bath lodging for up to 8 guests and the 1800 sq ft event space with bar, refrigerator and 2- 8’ wood banquet tables, 50 folding chairs and 8 banquet tables. The fee does not include set-up and break down, firewood, ice, etc. Detailed pricing and inclusions can be found in our pricing table.

Q: Are tips included for service staff?
A: Tips for staff provided by Franny’s Farm are not required but are greatly appreciated.

Additional Requirements

Q: Do I need to hire a wedding planner?
A: We strongly recommend a wedding planner for a seamless experience but only require it if guest count is 100+. We offer limited Event Coordination Services that may be required depending on your event and guest count. You must designate primary and secondary contacts available during the event for coordination.

Q: Is special event insurance required?
A: Yes, if alcohol is provided, you must obtain a special event insurance policy. This can be sourced through the web and costs between $75-$500, depending on your event's specifics.

Contact and Booking

Q: How do I book an event or schedule a consultation?
A: For bookings or consultations, please complete the online questionnaire so we can customize a proposal based on your responses. We look forward to making your event memorable and unique!

Capacity and Accommodations

Q: How many guests can Franny’s Farm accommodate?
A: The specific number of guests Franny’s Farm can accommodate is up to 800 and depends on the chosen event location within the farm and the style of your event (seated dinner, wedding, retreat, festival, etc.) Please contact us for details based on your event requirements.

Q: Are there accommodations for overnight guests?
A: Franny's Farm offers limited eco-cabin rentals and overnight camping options for guests and “retreat rooms” with shared kitchen and facilities. For more detailed information on accommodations and any associated costs, please reach out to us directly.

Catering and Alcohol

Q: Can we bring our own caterer?
A: Yes, you are welcome to bring your own caterer. All caterers must be approved by Franny’s Farm beforehand and must provide proof of their ability to cater offsite.

Q: Can we bring our own alcohol?
A: Yes, clients can provide their own alcohol. However, all alcohol must be served by a certified bartender, which can be provided through Franny’s Farm or your chosen caterer, to ensure responsible consumption.

Decorations and Setup

Q: What decorations can we bring? Are there any restrictions?
A: Guests are encouraged to decorate to match their vision for the event. However, we ask that all decorations respect the natural beauty and integrity of the farm. Specific restrictions apply to items that could harm the environment or animals, such as non-biodegradable confetti, balloons or fake flowers. Please consult with us for a detailed list of what is and isn’t permitted.

Q: Is there a designated area for the ceremony and reception, or can we choose any location on the farm?
A: We offer several picturesque locations for ceremonies and receptions that are designated to flow with parking, event and facilities. For elopements and under 20 guests, we are open to working with you to select the perfect spot on our farm that aligns with your vision.

Planning and Coordination

Q: Do you provide event planning services?
A: Franny’s Farm offers comprehensive event planning services and we are happy to provide limited event coordination services to guide and assist through the journey. We strongly recommend hiring our on-site Event Coordinator to ensure all details are managed smoothly and require a it on any events over 75 guests and full service planning if 100+ guests.

Q: Is there a rehearsal included for weddings?
A: Yes, we offer one hour of rehearsal time on a weekday before 5pm, subject to our event schedule. This allows you and your wedding party to prepare for your special day with ease.

Payment and Policies

Q: What is your payment policy?
A: Details regarding deposits, payment schedules, and cancellation policies are outlined in our contract. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date, with the balance due 60 days prior to the event. For specific terms, please contact us. 

Q: Do you have a noise ordinance or curfew?
A: Given our farm’s location, we adhere to local noise ordinances which require that music and event noise be reduced to a certain level after 10pm. We strive to ensure that your event is enjoyable while respecting our neighbors and community.

FAQs for Hosting Private Retreats at Franny's Farm

Accommodations and Facilities

Q: Can Franny’s Farm accommodate group retreats?
A: Yes, Franny’s Farm is an ideal location for private retreats, offering a serene and inspiring setting.

Our facilities can support a range of retreat activities and group sizes.

Q: Is there communal sleeping space available for retreat guests?
A: Yes, our event barn can be converted into a communal sleeping area, comfortably accommodating 25-30 guests. This setup is perfect for groups looking to stay together and experience the rustic charm of farm life.

Activities and Amenities

Q: Are bonfires allowed during the retreat?
A: Yes, bonfires are a popular feature for retreats at Franny’s Farm. We allow them with an additional fee for firewood, ensuring you have everything you need for a cozy and memorable evening under the stars.

Q: What activities can retreat participants engage in while at the farm?
A: Retreat guests can enjoy a variety of on-farm activities, including guided farm tours, hiking on our nature trails, and participating in farm workshops. We also offer spaces for yoga, meditation, and team-building exercises. Specific activities can be arranged upon request to fit the theme of your retreat.

Catering and Meals

Q: Can we arrange for catering during our retreat or wedding?
A: Franny's Farm provides versatile dining options to enhance your event. We offer exclusive in-house catering services, including a private chef and a fully-equipped Food Truck to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. For those considering external caterers, it's important they possess the necessary health inspection certifications and a Temporary Food Establishment (TFE) permit. Additionally, we're happy to recommend vendors who are well-versed with our venue and can tailor their services to meet your specific requirements. Please note, all external caterers must receive prior approval to ensure they meet our standards for quality and safety.

Q: Is it possible to organize a potluck for our wedding or retreat?
A: While we appreciate the community spirit of a potluck, our experience has led us to prioritize the health and safety of all guests. As such, potlucks are not permitted at weddings or retreats hosted on Franny's Farm. This policy allows us to maintain a high standard of food safety and quality. Our private chefs, catering services, and on-site Food Truck offer a wide range of customizable meal options to delight your guests, ensuring a memorable dining experience that meets our standards for excellence and compliance.

Booking and Policies

Q: How do we book Franny’s Farm for a private retreat?
A: Initiating the booking process for your private retreat at Franny's Farm is streamlined for your convenience. Begin by completing the detailed questionnaire available on our events page. This step allows us to understand your specific needs, preferences, and the scope of your retreat. Within 48 hours of submission, Franny's Farm Hospitality will craft a draft proposal outlining the budget and other important details tailored to your event. Following the proposal, you'll have the opportunity to arrange a call with one of our representatives to discuss your retreat in greater detail, make any necessary adjustments, and finalize your booking. We advise starting this process well in advance to ensure your preferred dates are available and to facilitate thorough planning and coordination.

Q: Are there any special policies or considerations for hosting a retreat at the farm?
A: Retreat organizers are encouraged to consider the natural environment and farm setting when planning their event. We strive to maintain a sustainable and respectful relationship with the land and our animals. Detailed policies regarding use of the space, activities, and accommodations will be provided during the booking process.

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